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Company Information

Company History
Jackson's Fishing Tackle is a family run company that was established in the early seventies and is still run by one of the original family members. A 'bricks and mortar' company that has been selling Fishing Tackle to the local angling community and visitors since its establishment almost 40 years ago.

Our premises are located in Earby which is situated in the former West Craven area of the West Riding of Yorkshire, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, now part of Lancashire

From here we supply the whole of the UK and beyond through our e-commerce website with a range of fishing tackle covering Coarse, Game - including Trout, Salmon and Sea Trout. We also stock a wide range if items for the Pike angler along with an increasing range for those persuing Carp.

Flies and fly tying materials, hooks and tools etc. are well catered for as are as the usual items such as monofilament line, nets, spinners and Pike plugs.

Our stock is mainly from the catalogues of Masterline, Cortland, Normark, Rapala, Dragon Flies, Maxima, FOG, Lureflash, Veniard, Drennan, Waterline and Marukyu our latest addition. These companies make up a large proportion of the items we stock. Though we do stock items from lesser known but equally important suppliers.

We are completely dedicated to your total satisfaction and will do all we can to make your experience of using this site is as easy and trouble free as possible.

Personal shoppers are welcome to our premises where a wider range of goods than those available on this site can be found including fresh and frozen baits.

In the beginning
Owing to the geographical location of my home town which is situated near the Yorkshire/Lancashire border in what was then the West Riding of Yorkshire, my mother was taken to the nearest maternity hospital on the Lancashire side of the border.
Despite this I have always considered myself a Yorkshireman having lived in that county since that fateful day.
Growing up in the Yorkshire Dales in the 50's & 60's was a time when you could roam the moors and surrounding countryside without any fears for your safety, the summers were long and hot. Oh! for a return to those idilic days of yesteryear. Having attended the usual infants & primary schools I ended my education at the local Secondary Modern, the equivalent of the modern Comprehensive or High School. I achieved moderate success with a sprinkling of 'O' Level GCE passes in the usual mundane subject, though I had my best result in the 'high tech' subject of Woodwork.

After School
I soon discovered that an academic life was not for me and shunned any further torture at the hands of the education system and left school in the late sixties to join the ever lengthening line of unemployed. This was as a result of being part of the post war baby boom, with meant too many school leavers and not enough jobs. After 6 months of fishing almost very day, in those days at least we had proper summers, I eventually managed to find employment at a local Building Society who paid me a pittance for my humble services. This lasted 18 months before I took up the post of company cashier at a local factory, my income doubled overnight and made me feel as though I was on my way to achieving my goal of at last earning a decent crust. After a short time with the company I fancied another challenges and moved into the public service sector.

A Business is born
In the early seventies my parents and I decided to start a business, plans were drawn up and the building of an extension to the house commenced and on completion Jackson's Fishing Tackle was born.
At that time I had no intentions of personally running the business, at least not as a full time occupation, but circumstances changed and eventually, I decided that it was time to take over the running of the business in the late seventies.
The business still occupies the original premises that we started with and many customers have said that the building must have rubber walls as no matter how much new stock arrives a space is always found.

The Computer age
In the late eighties the computer age caught up with the business when we acquired our first machine, this revolutionised the running of the shop. Since then most office processes have been computerised, though we have updated the machines a few times since those early days. Now we find ourselves part of an online world where most businesses have Websites and e-mail.

Our site was developed by myself a few years ago and is continually being updated as new products come on stream. I also try to keep up to date with the design of the site, which is continually developing and hopefully improving in the process.

To keep up with this ever changing world I have taken a few IT courses at the local College. This has enabled me to become even more efficient in my day to day running of the business through a greater knowledge of software we use for the business.

The future
My intention is to continue to offer an ever changing and expanding range of products that reflect current trends in fishing and will continue to offer a personal service.I do not have any intentions of expanding the business beyond the level where I can still keep control and continue to offer customers a personal service. I will continue to be available and you can always ask to speak to me personally on the telephone with your questions, queries or complaints, which I hope will be few. I will also continue answering all e-mails personally. Callers to the shop will always be able to ask to see me and I can often be seen behind the counter. I will try to offer advise when needed and asked for and of course continue to supply the all important personal touch. The personal approach is at the core of my business commitment and my promise is to continue offering this personal service.

Mick Jackson

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