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Coarse Fishing Tackle

Online Catalogue |  Coarse Fishing Tackle

Carp Fishing Tackle

A range of Carp products that is slowly expanding

Pike Fishing Tackle

Specialist Pike tackle (See Spinners & Plugs section for more Pike products)


Various types of swimfeeder

Fishing Catapults

From small versions for Canals to larger groundbait versions

Fishing Rod Rest Heads & Banksticks

Various designs of rod rests and bank sticks for most applications

Bait Boxes

Those essential boxes for your bait

Landing Nets | Net Bags

Landing Nets & Keepnets in a variety of shapes and sizes

Fishing Rod Holdalls | Carryalls | Bait Bowls

A range of luggage items from tote bags to holdalls

Online Catalogue |  Coarse Fishing Tackle

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