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Fishing Flies

Online Catalogue |  Fishing Flies

Dragon Trout Fly Selection Packs
Dragon Trout Fly Selection Packs Quality Trout Flies Selection Packs from Dragon
Dragon Wet Trout Flies
Dragon Wet Trout Flies Wets trout flies with a bit extra from Dragon
Dragon Dry Trout Flies
Dragon Dry Trout Flies Dry trout flies with a bit extra from Dragon
Dragon CDC & 'F' Trout Flies
Dragon CDC & 'F' Trout Flies CDC Shuttlecock Buzzers, Emergers and 'F' Flies from Dragon
Dragon Buzzers | Emergers | Nymphs
Dragon Buzzers | Emergers | Nymphs Good choice of modern trout buzzers, emergers and Nymphs from Dragon
Dragon Boobie Trout Flies
Dragon Boobie Trout Flies Boobie trout flies from Dragon
Dragon Goldhead Trout Flies
Dragon Goldhead Trout Flies Popular range of Goldheads trout flies from Dragon
Dragon Trout Lures
Dragon Trout Lures Most types of modern trout lures from Dragon
Wet Trout Flies
Wet Trout Flies Mostly traditional wet Trout flies patterns
Dry Trout Flies
Dry Trout Flies Traditional & modern dry Trout flies in one section
Dry Trout Flies (Specials)
Dry Trout Flies (Specials) Dry Trout Flies - Sedges, Mayflies, Wulff's, Daddies & Hoppers all perform well in the Summer and Autumn months
Cul-De-Canard (CDC) Trout Flies
Cul-De-Canard (CDC) Trout Flies No box should be without a few CDC patterns
Buzzers | Nymphs | Beetles
Buzzers | Nymphs | Beetles All types of Buzzers and Nymphs including many new patterns
Goldhead Trout Flies
Goldhead Trout Flies One of the best types of flies for deep down
Boobie Trout Flies
Boobie Trout Flies A selection of Boobie Trout Flies of different types
Longshank Trout Lures
Longshank Trout Lures Many proven patterns of Longshank Trout lures along with some new patterns
Muddler Trout Flies
Muddler Trout Flies Longshank Trout Muddlers and some mini versions
Salmon Flies - Single
Salmon Flies - Single Hairwing and Fully Dressed Salmon Flies
Salmon Flies - Double
Salmon Flies - Double Double Salmon Flies in Hairwing, Fully Dressed and Shrimp patterns
Trout Tube Flies
Trout Tube Flies Tube Flies for Trout, Sea Trout and Salmon

Online Catalogue |  Fishing Flies