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Fishing Hooks

Online Catalogue |  Fishing Hooks

Hook Sharpeners

Hook sharpeners

Coarse Fishing Hooks - Eyed

Easy to tie without tools

Coarse Fishing Hooks - Spade-end

Selection of Spade end hooks for most coarse applications

Hooks to Nylon

Ready tied to quality nylon

Treble Hooks | Protector Hoods

Use for bait fishing or replacements for spinners

Worming Hooks | Shrimping Pins

Specialist hooks and pins

Drennan Trout Fly Tying Hooks

Full range of patterns available

Kamasan Trout Fly Tying Hooks

All the popular patterns listed here

Kamasan Salmon Fly Tying Hooks

Just a few of the patterns available in the UK

Other Fly Tying Hooks

Bargain Mustad Hooks

Partridge Trout Fly Tying Hooks

Hand made and British

Partridge Salmon Fly Tying Hooks

British made Salmon hooks from Partridge of Redditch

Esmond Drury Treble Hooks | Waddington Shanks

The famous Drury Treble along with waddington Shanks

Fly Tying Tubes

Selection of blank Tubes in Plastic, Aluminium & Copper

Sea Fishing Hooks

A few popular types and some bargains

Online Catalogue |  Fishing Hooks

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