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Fishing Lines and Braids

Online Catalogue |  Fishing Lines and Braids

Braided Fishing Line

A variety of Braided lines for the modern angler.

Widely used by Carp anglers.

Increasingly used by game anglers for both bait fishing and spinning for Trout, Sea Trout and Salmon.

Much more expensive than nylon line but lasts much longer as it does not weaken with age in the same way as nylon does.

Also it is much thinner than nylon for an equivelant breaking strain making it much more suitable for running water.

Nylon Fishing Line

Choice of standard nlyon lines for most applications.

Spool lengths from 100m. to bulk 1,000m. spools.

Fly Fishing Leader Line

A choice of popular fly leader lines.

Standard nylon leader lines for most applications.

Fluorocarbon line, a much stiffer sinking alternative to nylon, though not recommended for dry fly fishing.

Double strength for use where line thickness is important as it is much thinner for an equivelant breaking strain when compared with standard types of nylon, though it does not have anything like the mount of stretch and needs care when tying knots.

Online Catalogue |  Fishing Lines and Braids

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