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Fly Tying Materials

Online Catalogue |  Fly Tying Materials

Beads | Eyes | Egg Heads

For weighting your flies or just adding a 'hot spot' aiming point

Body Materials

Body materials for the fly tyer - includes both natural and synthtic materials

Hen Capes

Hen Capes for the fly tyer

Hackles | CDC

Loose Fly Tying hackles & CDC

Goose | Ostrich | Marabou

Goose, Ostrich and Marabou, some of the most useful feathers for the modern fly tyer

Miscellaneous Feathers

Feathers for the fly tyer who ties some of the older patterns as well as modern types


Selection of popular wings for the fly tyer - sold in pairs

Chenille | Fritz

Many types of Chenille & Fritz for the fly tyer are listed in this section

Dubbing Material

Variety of both modern and traditional dubbing materials for the fly tyer

Foam Products

For the modern floating fry patterns and Boobies


Hair for the fly tyer with a variety of uses on modern patterns


A variety of furs for the fly tyer, Including the very useful Seal's Fur

Finnish Fur Fly

Quality Finnish Fur Fly for the fly tyer from Scandinavia


Tails for the fly tyer, compliments the range of fur listed in the previous section

Twister Tails

Modern flexible plastic Twister Tails for the fly tyer

Plastic Winging Material

This range of plastic winging materials add that bit extra to the modern fly patten

Wool | Antron

Wool and Antron Wool for the fly tyer to make fly bodies

Tying Thread

From midge to super strong fly tying threads including Pearsall's Gossamer

Tying Flosses

Fly tying Flosses from Fluorescents to Traditional Silk from Pearsall's


Tinsels for the fly tyer in plain silver & gold to the modern Holographic


Always useful to the fly tyer, wires add weight or sparkle to finish a fly

Varnish | Epoxy | Wax

A fly tyers need varnish to finish a fly, as well a wax to coat the tying thread, you will find most types here

Tools | Vices | Kits

Many essential tools for the fly tyer are listed here along with Tying Kits

Online Catalogue |  Fly Tying Materials

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