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Spinners | Plugs | Devon Minnows | Flying 'C'

Online Catalogue |  Spinners | Plugs | Devon Minnows | Flying 'C'

Wire Traces | Spinning Traces | Pike Traces

Spinning traces in achoice of lengths

Devon Minnows | Devon Mounts

Wood Devon Minnows, British Made, only a few left.

Spinners | Spoons

Wide selection of styles and types of Spinners and Spoons

Flying 'C'

Variety of sizes and colours of Flying 'C'

Psyclone Shallow Sinking Pike Plugs

Shallow Sinking plugs for the Pike angler

Rapala Original Floating

Rapala Original Floating - probably the best lure of their type

Rapala Jointed Floating

Rapala Jointed Floating - a Jointed version of the world famous lure

Rapala Countdown Sinking

Rapala Countdown - a sinking version of the would famous lure

Rapala Raps

Rapala Raps - a modern range of lures from Rapala

Rapala Selection Sets

Rapala popular selections

Storm | Storm Soft Baits

Storm lures from America, now popular over here

Other Pike Plugs

Pike Plugs - odd items that do not warrant their own section

Swivels | Anti Kink Vanes | Split Rings

Swivels, Split Rings and Anti Kink Vanes, essentials for the modern angler

Online Catalogue |  Spinners | Plugs | Devon Minnows | Flying 'C'

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